Our advocacy initiatives ensure that our ideas and philosophies are widely heard and understood. NTSA seeks to develop meaningful relationships with policy makers so we stay engaged in the conversations and issues that impact public school voluntary retirement savings programs at both the state and federal level.

NTSA PAC is Important!

NTSA’s Political Action Committee (NTSA PAC) allows NTSA to participate in the policy discourse and legislative process by building credible and trusting relationships with policymakers and lawmakers who support the employer-based retirement savings system. NTSA PAC does not promote the election or advancement of any one candidate, politician or party.

How do I support NTSA PAC?

The easiest way to give to NTSA PAC is online. Click here to log into your NTSA account and give a PAC contribution today. You’ll be done in less than 5 minutes. Members can also give to NTSA PAC by completing the contribution form at the bottom of this page (NTSA member login required) and faxing it to 703.516.9308.

Only NTSA members may contribute to NTSA PAC.  Federal law prohibits soliciting contributions from individuals who are not members of NTSA. Any contribution received by NTSA PAC by a nonmember will be returned.

If you need to renew your membership, click here. If you need personal assistance, please email Customer Care at customercare@ntsa-net.org, or call 703.516.9300.

PAC Contribution Recognition
Presidents Club
: $5,000
Executives Club: $2,500
Founders Club: $1,000
Leaders Circle: $500
Patron: $50

How do I obtain more information about the NTSA PAC?

If you are interested joining our Presidents, Executives or Founders clubs, or would like to sponsor a PAC event, please contact Contact Erika Goodwin at 703-516-9300, or egoodwin@usaretirement.org.

A note from NTSA’s Executive Director

Your support of the NTSA has never been more vital for your business and clients. The national debate on healthcare has been settled and the headlines are now dominated by the pending fiscal crisis, pension reform and the cost of tax expenditures.  Congress and many state legislatures are turning their attention to the retirement plan industry and public sector retirement systems. Some large financial institutions see this as an opportunity for consolidation and control of the retirement plan market and are investing millions of dollars to influence policymakers.

NTSA has proven itself effective advocating for an efficient and competitive private sector retirement plan industry that supports our employer based retirement plan system. Make the most of your NTSA membership and get your voice heard.

Christopher M. DeGrassi
Executive Director, NTSA

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