Tax-Exempt & Governmental Plan Consultant-2 (TGPC-2)

This exam builds on content covered by the TGPC-1 exam. The TGPC-1 exam is a prerequisite for taking the TGPC-2 exam and earning the TGPC credential


The program focuses on technical education for those typically involved in consulting, sales and/or marketing of tax-exempt and governmental plans. Topics include 403(b) plans, 457 plans, fiduciary standards and responsibilities, governmental plans, traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs, religious organizations' plans, and ethics and professional responsibility. 


Please refer to the syllabus for specific learning objectives and exam topic weightings.


 Proctored Exam  


Exam Details


  • 65 multiple choice questions
  • 2.5 hour time limit
  • Proctored (at any Prometric testing center)
  • Immediate grade notification

Average Estimated Hours of Study

40 to 60 hours of study time per exam (depends greatly on the experience level of the student).

Proctored Exams

Exams are given at Prometric testing centers. Eligibility emails will be sent to registered candidates two weeks after examination purchase. The eligibility email has detailed instructions on scheduling an appointment with Prometric. It is the candidate’s responsibility to schedule an exam. We strongly recommend scheduling an appointment upon receipt of the confirmation letter, as testing centers fill up quickly. To find a Prometric testing center, visit www.prometric.com/ara.


Grading Process

Candidates will receive a grade immediately upon completing the exam. Notification for examinations will include a score of 9, 8 or 7 (passing grade) or 6, 5 or 3 (failing grade). A score of 3 indicates that no points were credited; the candidate’s performance was below the minimum acceptable standards. The score report contains a topic listing which indicates “needs work” for any topic where the candidate scored less than 70% correct. Raw scores, spreads between scores, pass marks, pass percentages and copies of questions are not released. The NTSA office is permitted to provide grade information only in writing; grades will not be provided by telephone, email or fax. Candidates who wish to have their grades sent to anyone other than themselves must fill out a Grade Release Form.



Exam Errata, Policies and Procedures

It is the candidate’s responsibility to review all exam policies and procedures, which can be found on Candidate Corner.


It is also the candidate’s responsibility to check the errata before an exam. For updates and errata for exams and publications please visit the Publications and Examinations Errata. Stop by regularly as new updates are posted. 




*The registration fee is non-refundable.


Registration Process


Study Materials

Required Reading

 TGPC-2 Study Guide: Advanced Concepts in 403(b) & 457 Plan Administration & Consulting, Sixth Edition. Arlington, Va.; ASPPA, 2018 

Elegant Ethical Solutions by Lauren Bloom

The following readings are provided at the end of the syllabus:

  • “Pension Protection Act–Impact on Governmental Plans,” Volume 29: Issue 65, September 8, 2006. Buck Consultants, an ACS company.
  • Swisher, Pete. “Investment Policy Statement.” Excerpted and adapted from 401(K) FIDUCIARY GOVERNANCE: AN ADVISOR’S GUIDE, 3RD EDITION. Arlington, VA: ASPPA, 2012.
  • Swisher, Pete. “Understanding Plan Fees.” Excerpted and adapted from 401(K) FIDUCIARY GOVERNANCE: AN ADVISOR’S GUIDE, 3RD EDITION. Arlington, VA: ASPPA, 2012.
  • ASPPA Code of Professional Conduct

Additional Study Tools

The study tools below are not required preparation for the TGPC-2 examination. They are offered as additional study aids. 

TGPC-2 Practice Exams:

 Online – Single Attempt

Online – 3 Attempts

Online – Unlimited Users (3 attempts each)

Distributable PDF


Continuing Education (CE) Credits


Candidates who have successfully completed a proctored examination can earn up to 20 CE credits depending on the score received. Credits will be applied to the CE cycle in which the score is issued. For more information on examination CE credits click here.


Twenty (20) ERPA credits for successful completion of the TGPC-2 exam may be awarded.

IRS ERPA Credit Program Number: CZTXU-Q-00007-12-S

The final decision as to the number of ERPA credits rests solely with the Internal Revenue Service.


Grandfathering Rules

Master Certified Retirement Specialist (MCRS)

An MCRS will need to complete the credentialed membership application to apply for the TGPC credential (you will be notified when the credential is awarded).


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