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Reserve Your Seat for the 2016 403(b) Masters Summit

By NTSA Net Staff • November 23, 2015 • 0 Comments
Join your fellow industry leaders and innovators at this year’s 403(b) Masters Summit Jan. 21-23, 2016 at the Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Ariz. The Summit will revolve around three key elements:

1. Growing Your Business;
2. Market Updates & Investment Strategies; and
3. Optimizing Your Practice. Each element will begin with a provocative Plenary Session.

These sessions will be followed by Response Panels that discuss the implications of the Plenary Session, and conclude with “Let’s Talk” study groups about proactive action steps.

Plenary Sessions at this year’s Summit will include:

  • Be Inspired, Get Motivated, and Keep on Pushing. As a three-time Jamaican Bobsled Team Olympian and international motivational speaker, Devon Harris knows how to “keep on pushing,” even when obstacles get in his way. His poignant, authentic and entertaining story of perseverance and persistence will inspire you to say “Yes I can!”

  • Optimizing Your Business: The Complexities of Simplicity. You have reached the Masters level. Now it’s time to take a closer look at your operations, service model and the relationship you have with your clients. Laura Hutchinson of Russell Investments will provide methods that will help your business become more efficient and profitable.

  • It’s a Business, Not a Job — NTSA Masters Leaders Proclaim the 2016 Forward Trends. For over 20 years, Mark Matson has helped advisors understand the difference between having a “job” and successfully running a business. In this session, Mark will join NTSA’s Leader Response Panel to challenge us with forward trends and areas where we can make a difference in 2016.

Panel Responses will be organized in three different tracks based on your interests, including:

1. Recruiting Business Practices & Marketing Strategies for Your Practice — Advisor Best Practices Track. How to recruit the best team of advisors for your practice is a challenge that affects us all. Adam Pearce of the Legend Group will lead a discussion on recruitment and provide ways on how to inspire top candidates to join your team.

2. How to Work Best with Your A, B and C Clients — Advisor Marketing Response Panel. With all that you have going on in your practice, it can be difficult to learn how to divide your attention amongst your clients. Robert Berndhart of M3 Investment Services will moderate a discussion on how to best work with different clients’ needs, based on successful business models.

3. Beneficiary Options — Technical Response Panel. Death distributions are still one of those areas that have the most questions. In this panel, you will learn the options that a beneficiary has under the plan and understand the options that they must (or can) carry over from the 403(b) to an inherited IRA.

Other highlights of this year’s Masters Summit include:

  • New Certification Opportunity. Included with your registration fee is an opportunity to earn the retirement industry’s newest, and most highly sought after credential, the CPFA, perfect for preparing you to deal with the new challenges and regulatory environment in 2017. The two-part boot camp and exam begins Thursday morning, Jan. 21, and ends on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 23. Your registration fee includes access to the online modules, the two-part boot camp, and the exam.

  • Set the Standards. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to review the update of the Non-ERISA 403(b) Best Practices Manual - and help create the new Best Practice Manual for 457 plans, beginning with a redline session on Thursday, Jan. 21.
    To register for the 2016 403(b) Masters Summit, please visit the Summit’s Registration page.

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