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NTSA Mourns Steven Berger

By Chris DeGrassi • October 09, 2017 • 0 Comments
I am writing to share the news that the NTSA family suffered the loss of one of our own in last week’s mass murder in Las Vegas.

Steven R. Berger, 44, was among the 58 people killed at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas on Sunday, Oct. 1. Steve was a loving and devoted father, survived by his three children, Hannah, age 15, Harrison, age 12, and Harlow, age 9, along with his parents Dick and Mary Berger, and sister, Christine.

On behalf of all NTSA members, I would like to share our heartfelt condolences and prayers for Steve’s family in this difficult time. This includes Steve’s EFS Advisors family.

Steve was passionate about his work as a financial advisor, and was beloved by his clients. He cared for others and was always willing to take time to listen to clients, friends, and co-workers to offer a helping hand. He built a very successful practice and was recognized for the past five consecutive years as a five star wealth manager by Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business.

Steve was able to touch thousands of lives, enhancing the ability of his clients to retire earlier and/or in a better financial position.

Steve was a close friend of NTSA Leadership Council member Josh Decker, who brought him to EFS Advisors; they worked together to build each other’s practices. Josh was with Steve at the music festival. EFS Advisors CEO Kent Schutte and his wife Lynn also share deeply in the loss. Kent and Lynn have always embraced the EFS Advisors team as part of their family, and Steve was a vibrant member of that family.

Events like the tragedy that occurred last week in Las Vegas are jarring. It has taken me a full week to draft this note. But friends, we can find comfort in each other. Comfort in the knowledge that we had the opportunity to know Steve. Comfort knowing that the friendships we have made through our association with the NTSA will endure. That we will support one another. And we are grateful that our paths have crossed.

Steve Berger Memorial Fund

EFS Advisors has set up a Steve Berger Memorial fund for his children. The memorial fund info is on the EFS Advisors website at

Chris DeGrassi, Chief of Retirement Education for the American Retirement Association, is a past Executive Director of the NTSA.

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