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What Will You Get at the NTSA Summit?

By Tamara Indianer • October 18, 2017 • 0 Comments
Why take time away from your office to participate in the NTSA Summit? There are a lot of good reasons — here are three.

It’s hard to find a good time to be out of the office — but if you’re a 403(b) or 457 retirement plan professional, your participation at the NTSA Summit can pay off in amazing ways — and likely even before you head home.

Networking! New Friends and Renewing Relationships

At a 2017 NTSA Summit Workshop, I connected with another financial advisor who had a great idea that would work with my advisors. We kept the conversation going, and he even sent me all the support pieces that he used. I'm really grateful — and it worked! We got some new business and made some old business better. Thanks lots.

Learning! New Strategies and Expanded Techniques

Besides being really excited about being inducted as NTSA’s 2018 president, I can’t wait for up-to-the minute industry updates from some of the nation’s leading voices on retirement policy and education!

American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff's update, “From the Hill to Houston,” is especially necessary this year. Every one of our clients, my family and my friends are affected in different ways by the possible tax adjustments up and down. We need strategies for success with them all. Now is the time to set ourselves apart.

NTSA Executive Director Brent Neese’s “View from the States” is especially critical for us in the 403(b) business. States are such incubators for change. We need to make sure change is positive for our clients and industry.

Chris DeGrassi’s course last year was so educational, insightful and helpful, that I cannot wait to learn more this year!

Ideas! Outside the Box

I always leave with more ideas than time!

And, as an extra incentive, Houston can use our support right now, so I’m so excited that we have chosen to go there.

Tamara Indianer, CFP®, AIF®, is Regional Vice President, New England Lincoln Investment and NTSA President-Elect.

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