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403(b) Compliance Dates for 2018

By NTSA Net Staff • January 22, 2018 • 0 Comments
The new year is well under way, and dates by which compliance-related functions concerning 403(b) plans must be performed already loom ahead.

Farhad Mirzada of Cammack Retirement provides a comprehensive calendar that includes dates during 2018 by which such reporting, filing and other such compliance-related functions need to be done. It also provides information and reminders concerning ongoing compliance-related functions.

Among them:

Jan. 31: Census data needs to be submitted by plan sponsors for calculations to determine if the limit under Internal Revenue Code Section 402(g) for 2017 has been exceeded; also, Forms 1099-R are due to be issued to participants to report 2017 distributions.

Feb. 28: Form 1099-R information transmitted to the IRS.

April 1: Initial required minimum distributions (RMDs) due to be sent to inactive plan participants who attained age 70½ during 2017.

July 1: Summary of material modifications due to participants if there were amendments to the plan in 2017.

July 31: Form 5500 due to be filed by ERISA calendar-year plans, unless an extension has been granted.

Oct. 15: Form 5500 due to be filed by ERISA calendar-year plans for which an extension has been granted.

Dec. 31: RMDs due to be made to participants who have begun to receive distributions.

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