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NTSA Supports Hurricane Relief Efforts in Humble, Texas

By Brent Neese • February 01, 2018 • 0 Comments
The location of the 2018 NTSA Summit provided a unique opportunity for members of the NTSA to support K-12 education in a new and impactful way. Hurricane Harvey devastated communities across Texas late last year affecting homes, businesses, and, yes, public institutions of learning.

In an effort to contribute to the recovery, NTSA members raised money for the Humble Education Foundation. Over 400 Humble Independent School District (ISD) employees reported significant personal damage from the hurricane, and several thousand students were affected. NTSA members’ support will replace schools’ and students’ items lost in this storm, including classroom supplies, technology, athletic equipment, musical instruments, special needs equipment and much more.

Billy Beattie, Director, Business Systems, Payroll & Benefits of the Humble ISD, attended the summit in person and served on the final panel, entitled “Overcoming School Access Issues.” He engaged the audience with ideas on how he is helping to educate Humble ISD employees on retirement plans by creating an online buyers guide of all of the 403(b) competitors and hosting a financial literacy evening at the local civic center with presentations and vendor booths. The panel also discussed networking groups comprised of 403(b) competitors in New England and Arizona banding together to educate the educators.

At the end of the panel, NTSA President Tamara Indianer presented Billy with an estimate of the funds raised (as not all contributions had yet been made); it was close to $3,000. Billy thanked the audience for their support and noted that the money would go a long way in helping the community recover from the storm. The final figure for the relief contributions came to $4,086!

Brent Neese is the Executive Director of the National Tax-Deferred Savings Association.

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