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Practice Management focuses on how to successfully and profitably run an advisory practice, including topics like client services, financial reporting, capital investments, hiring and managing people and integrating vendor partners, as well as the nuts and bolts of the business, like insurance and risk management.



Practice Management

Practice Management

By NTSA Net Staff8/25/2015 • 0 Comments

In MarketBeat, Diane Capone discusses insights offered at the recent 2015 NTSA 403(b) Summit on how to determine if your plan is at risk of an IRS audit and what to do after one. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff8/19/2015 • 0 Comments

Only 22% of individuals who owned a traditional or Roth IRA took a withdrawal in 2013, a percentage largely driven by activity among individuals ages 70½ or older. READ MORE

By Mike Bushnell8/19/2015 • 0 Comments

With many American workers saying they could have saved more, and sooner, a large majority of employees support access to plans with automatic enrollment, according to new studies. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff8/17/2015 • 0 Comments

Treasurers from states in every region of the United States, as well as two of its largest cities, sent a letter to Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White arguing that general partners should be required to do a better job of disclosing private equity fees. READ MORE

By Andrew Remo8/14/2015 • 0 Comments

At times during Day four of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) public hearing on its fiduciary rule, it felt as if everything that needs to be said already has been; however, some new topics were discussed in the final day of testimony. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff8/14/2015 • 0 Comments

The IRS has issued IRA required minimum distribution (RMD) worksheets for figuring this year’s required withdrawals from traditional IRAs. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff8/11/2015 • 0 Comments

In MarketBeat, Robert Toth discusses DOL Field Assistance Bulletin 2015-2 and why it is necessary for the success of the qualified longevity annuity contracts as well as defined contribution lifetime income. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff8/10/2015 • 0 Comments

In Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder tells us if a school district can make employees choose between receiving employer contributions to their 403(b)s or a health insurance benefit. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff7/31/2015 • 0 Comments

In Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder tells whether a client can transfer money from his 403(b) account to buy years of service in his state retirement system.

By NTSA Net Staff7/31/2015 • 0 Comments

In MarketBeat, Ellie Lowder discusses a substantial change major trade legislation that was signed into law on June 29, 2015 makes to the distribution rules applicable to the school resources officers public school districts hire.

By Fred Barstein7/31/2015 • 0 Comments

Do not-for-profit entities that have 403(b) plans care more about outcomes than for-profit firms with 401(k) plans? READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff7/30/2015 • 0 Comments

There has been no shortage of bad news for public pension systems from coast to coast. But the U.S. Census Bureau has just released some good news — the assets of state and local public pension systems grew in 2014.

By NTSA Net Staff7/27/2015 • 0 Comments

In MarketBeat, Amy L. Simonson summarizes the who, what, when, where, why and how of the DOL’s re-proposed fiduciary rule. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff7/27/2015 • 0 Comments

In Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder tells us whether it is necessary to recalculate the remaining term of a plan loan if the original loan was calculated with principal and interest amortized over a 5-year payback period. READ MORE

By ASPPA , NTSA Net Staff7/22/2015 • 0 Comments

July 21 provided a poignant example of the back-and-forth over the proposed fiduciary rule, as Labor Secretary Thomas Perez testified on Capitol Hill about it, while across town SEC member Daniel Gallagher sent the DOL a public comment letter criticizing it. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff7/17/2015 • 0 Comments

In MarketBeat, Ellie Lowder provides some clarity on how the 15+ years of service increased limit outlined in Internal Revenue Code Section 402(g)(7) works. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff7/17/2015 • 0 Comments

In Tech Talk, Ellie Lowder discusses the timing the federal government requires for employee elective deferrals to 403(b) plans. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff7/15/2015 • 0 Comments

Although traditional IRAs can be opened with either rollovers or contributions, rollovers tend to be the most common source for new traditional IRAs — and account for the vast majority of those IRA openings, according to a new report.

By Mike Bushnell7/15/2015 • 0 Comments

A study published by Northwestern Mutual reaffirms that most working Americans expect to work past age of 65, and nearly half fear that they won’t be able to retire comfortably. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff7/9/2015 • 0 Comments

In MarketBeat, Michael Webb discusses five basic features of public university plans for those who may be unfamiliar with this important segment of the nonprofit retirement plan marketplace. READ MORE

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