State Sponsored Plans

State Sponsored Plans

State Sponsored Plans

By NTSA Net Staff9/1/2017 • 0 Comments

OregonSaves, the Oregon Retirement Savings Program, has invited additional Oregon employers to register for its pilot program. READ MORE

By John Iekel8/31/2017 • 0 Comments

The Oregon Treasury has unveiled a proposal to modify the Oregon State Retirement Program. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff8/28/2017 • 0 Comments

The Connecticut Retirement Security Authority the body created by a state law enacted in May 2016 to implement the law establishing the state-sponsored retirement plan, has begun meeting. READ MORE

By Ted Godbout8/21/2017 • 0 Comments

The Pew Charitable Trusts in a recent report found strong support among small and mid-size businesses for automatic IRA programs, multiple employer plans (MEPs) and online marketplaces. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff8/15/2017 • 0 Comments

In MarketBeat, John Iekel covers a conference session that points out that states filling coverage gaps doesn’t spell the end of opportunity for the private sector. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams8/5/2017 • 0 Comments

Ascensus, already tapped to administer the OregonSaves state-run IRA program, has landed another client. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff8/4/2017 • 0 Comments

The U.S. Treasury’s winding down of the myRA program will cause at least one state-run retirement program to delay its opening. READ MORE

By Ted Godbout7/27/2017 • 0 Comments

A new report finds that 55% of DC plan sponsors indicate they are likely to stop offering their plan in favor of in a state-run plan if one is available. READ MORE

By John Iekel7/24/2017 • 0 Comments

The Washington State Department of Commerce is updating the rules for the state’s Small Business Retirement Marketplace. READ MORE

By John Iekel7/21/2017 • 0 Comments

The July 1 launch of the Oregon Retirement Savings Program (OregonSaves) pilot has been a success, says a report by the Oregon Retirement Savings Board. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams6/22/2017 • 0 Comments

The Golden State has modified the legislation regarding its state-run auto-IRA program for private sector workers in place, readying the measure for Gov. Jerry Brown’s expected signature. READ MORE

By John Iekel6/22/2017 • 0 Comments

The Oregon Retirement Savings Program on June 22 filed a temporary amendment to its program rules with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office. The amendment modifies language related to enrollment. READ MORE

By John Iekel6/19/2017 • 0 Comments

The Carolinas share a border, a name, and a need to address problems with their state pension plans; however, their problems are as different as north is from south. READ MORE

By John Iekel6/14/2017 • 0 Comments

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) on June 12 signed into law a measure that provides new state employees hired after Jan. 1, 2019, with three retirement benefits from which they can choose. READ MORE

By John Iekel6/9/2017 • 0 Comments

OregonSaves, the state-run auto-IRA program for private-sector workers, is not quite launched yet, but the pieces are falling into place. READ MORE

By Ray Harmon6/8/2017 • 0 Comments

Both chambers of the Pennsylvania legislature have passed Senate Bill 1, a measure that seeks to ease the state’s unfunded pension liability. READ MORE

By John Iekel6/6/2017 • 0 Comments

That may seem an odd equation. And yet, a speaker at a recent retirement industry conference argues exactly that. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff5/30/2017 • 0 Comments

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) has unveiled proposals for changes to the state retirement plan that would affect both current and future state employees. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams 5/19/2017 • 0 Comments

President Trump may have signed legislation pulling back the Obama administration’s ERISA safe harbor guidance for state-run auto IRAs, but California officials say they don’t need it. READ MORE

By John Iekel5/19/2017 • 0 Comments

The Illinois House Personnel and Pensions Committee on May 16 passed bills that would expand retirement plan coverage and change public pension plan funding and how payments are made. READ MORE

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