Technical Competence

Technical Competence covers the nuts and bolts of the 403(b) plan market, focusing on regulations at both the state and federal level, along with developments in public-employee plan management.


Technical Competence

Technical Competence

By Joseph Caruso3/21/2018 • 0 Comments

For the moment, anyway, the Old Line State has stepped back crossing a line that would have established its own fiduciary rule. READ MORE

By John Iekel 3/21/2018 • 0 Comments

There is still some time to make a contribution to an IRA and be able to claim it on a 2017 tax return — but not much. READ MORE

By Brent Neese3/20/2018 • 0 Comments

The NTSA is pleased to unveil the NTSA Advocacy and Resource (ARC), a member-only website featuring an interactive 403(b)/457 plan industry advocacy map of the United States, with detailed summaries for each state. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff3/20/2018 • 0 Comments

In MarketBeat, Nevin Adams discusses what he considers to be the three biggest mistakes fiduciaries make. READ MORE

By John Iekel 3/20/2018 • 0 Comments

The Washington State Department of Commerce has launched the state’s Retirement Marketplace, a virtual marketplace that offers low-cost retirement savings plans to businesses with fewer than 100 employees. READ MORE

By Joseph Caruso3/19/2018 • 0 Comments

The Iowa Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) and the Iowa Department of Administrative Services, which oversees the program, recently concluded their invitation to qualify (ITQ) process for new providers. READ MORE

By Joseph Caruso3/19/2018 • 0 Comments

State of the State House provides a look at the status of legislation before state legislatures in Maryland and Tennessee that is relevant to NTSA members. READ MORE

By John Iekel 3/19/2018 • 0 Comments

ERISA Tips provides a brief outline of civil and criminal violations of ERISA that a plan's administrators can make. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff3/19/2018 • 0 Comments

In Tech Talk, Susan Diehl tells us whether an employee who is retiring at 53 and turns 54 later in the tax year will be penalized for one year or longer for taking an early 403(b) distribution. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams 3/19/2018 • 0 Comments

The industry may be wondering what’s next in the wake of last week’s federal court decision vacating the fiduciary rule — but, for now anyway, the DOL says it is taking a pause. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff3/16/2018 • 0 Comments

The upcoming NTSA Webcast, "The New 403(b) Plan Documents Part II: Don’t Even Think About Removing My Appendix!" will take a close look at the requirements of completing all plan provisions. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams 3/16/2018 • 0 Comments

The Labor Department finally came up short in federal court — but trade industry headlines notwithstanding, like Mark Twain, the rumors of the fiduciary rule’s “demise” might be a bit premature. READ MORE

By John Iekel 3/15/2018 • 0 Comments

The IRS has issued a reminder that the retirement plan participants and holds of IRAs and IRA-based plans who attained age 70½ during 2017 must starting receiving RMDs by April 1. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams3/15/2018 • 0 Comments

The fiduciary rule kept its winning streak intact in the first ruling by a federal appellate court. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams 3/14/2018 • 0 Comments

The IRS has responded to the American Retirement Association’s comment letter on the significant changes to the pricing structure for the Voluntary Compliance Program (VCP) — but it’s not very responsive. READ MORE

By John Iekel 3/13/2018 • 0 Comments

Susan Diehl, PenServ Plan Services President, in the recent NTSA webcast “The New 403(b) Plan Document, Part I: Why March 2020 Is Important to 403(b) Employers,” focused on a mechanism by which a plan may be prepared: the pre-approved plan. READ MORE

By Joseph Caruso3/13/2018 • 0 Comments

State House Update provides the status of legislation before state legislatures in Kentucky and Tennessee, as well as Capitol Hill in Washington, that is relevant to NTSA members. READ MORE

By NTSA Net Staff3/13/2018 • 0 Comments

In MarketBeat, Bill Fisher provides a primer for those interested in moving into the ERISA 403(b) marketplace. READ MORE

By Nevin Adams 3/12/2018 • 0 Comments

Another state-run IRA retirement plan for private sector workers is gearing up to go live. READ MORE

By John Iekel 3/9/2018 • 0 Comments

The IRS on March 2 issued an updated version of Publication 575, “Pension and Annuity Income.” It is to be used in preparing 2017 income tax returns. READ MORE

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